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Welcome to Geek's Haven Massage, where we provide massage therapy services with a geeky twist! Our unique approach to massage therapy sets us apart from the rest. We offer Fighter Class, Magic Class, Cleric Class, and Artificer Class massages, each tailored to the needs of different types of geeks. Plus, we don't ...
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Massage Therapies (4)
Fighter Class
Is your motto ‘no pain, no gain"? Do you feel like it's not a ‘real massage’ if you're not sore …
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Magic Class
Not quite sure how you woke up feeling this way? Maybe you slept wrong, all you know is you can't …
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Cleric Class
Are you always taking care of others? Maybe you're just exhausted from life. We can bring you back …
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Artificer Class
Are you creating new life? That is the ultimate invention of our artificer class! Soon-to-be …
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Pricing Tiers

How often do you come in for massage? You will be sorted into a pricing class based on the frequency of your scheduled sessions. We can revisit at any time to move you into a new class whenever life changes your availability!


Rangers are in roughly once a month with no more than 6 weeks between regular sessions. This allows us to work on chronic pain, stress, and general maintenance. Because of the frequency of sessions, Rangers pay the lowest amount for their sessions at $100 per hour.


Rogues are in every 2-3 months. They schedule with acute problematic areas and we usually solve the problem in 1-3 sessions in a short time. Then, Rogues will often disappear again until another problem arises. Rogues who continue to book at least once a quarter (3 months) will pay $120 per hour for each session.


It's not life without a few NPCs. These clients come in for a session once or twice each year. Massage is a relaxing luxury instead of a regular part of their wellness routine. NPCs will pay $150 per hour for each session.


  • Parking available
  • Free consultation
  • By appointment only
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Female-owned
  • LGBTQ+ owned
  • Cashapp accepted
  • Venmo accepted
  • Debit & Credit cards accepted
  • Excellent customer service
  • Debit & Credit Cards accepted